4 valid alternatives to eggs for a healthier and eco-friendly diet

Better an egg today or a chicken tomorrow? On the hen we prefer not to be unbalanced, but as regards the consumption of eggs perhaps it would be appropriate to reduce it or, at best, eliminate it completely from our diet.

Many people, in fact, underestimate the not exactly positive characteristics of eggs. Excessive consumption of this food significantly increases the risk of mortality. The probabilities of harmful outbreaks that could lead to diseases such as heart attack and stroke have been repeatedly ascertained by analyzes and medical studies around the world. This is mainly due to the high percentage of cholesterol content that goes to clog and clog the arteries. For example, it has been estimated that taking one egg a day increases the risk of heart attack by 24%.

At this point, why not try to find an alternative in our diet? Not only our health will gain, but also the environment, deriving from the production of eggs which are increasingly the result of intensive farming and inhumane conditions for the animals crammed into cages. There are several possibilities to replace eggs, both from the point of view of nutritional intake and of ingredients to be used in their place to make our recipes less heavy and healthier. We give you 4:

1) He Tofu

Il Tofu represents the quintessential alternative for those who want to take proteins without having to ingest products of animal origin. It is a food of Chinese origin obtained from the curdling of soy milk with a procedure very similar to that used for cheese. It can be cooked in different ways, steamed, fried or in vegan dessert recipes

2) Bananas, apples and squash

Bananas, apple and pumpkin juices are three foods that can perfectly replace eggs whenever they need to be created baking doughs o desserts where their use is foreseen. AND Tania Asnes, one of the best known nutritionists in the world author of several books on the subject, to state it. "However, make sure you have a very light hand when dosing apples and bananas as excessive quantities could compromise the realization of your recipe making it extremely soft - on the contrary - the pumpkin can give you the exact opposite: making the dough extremely dense ".

3) Flax seeds

It is, without a doubt, one of the best solutions when it comes to substitutes for the dough of sweets. What you need is none other than 1/3 of linseed and 2/3 of hot water. At this point, read carefully and try to elaborate the preparation: it is preferable to prepare it in large quantities, since it is easier to work with. Take a blender and mix 1/3 cup of flax seeds with 2/3 cup of hot water, let stand 15 minutes and blend until the mixture is gelatinous and flax seeds are no longer visible. At this point for the dosage, consider that theequivalent of a tablespoon of this compound is equivalent to an egg. For use, we also recommend mixing it preferably in liquids before adding solid ingredients. Aesthetically we say that it would not seem very encouraging, but we assure you that in the realization of the final product the result is almost identical, as if you had actually used eggs, with the advantage, however, of not having overloaded our body with excess fats and proteins.

4) Egg repalcer

Ever heard of it? It is an egg substitute made up of different ingredients spread on the market by multiple brands, one of the most famous and valid turns out to be Ener-G . From the site it is also possible to buy it online and be delivered to any part of the world. Economical, very easy to use and above all gluten-free. Excellent for those who want to replace egg whites and egg yolks in cooking, without losing the pleasure of cooking and taste.
Four tips with one purpose: break the "eggs" in the basket. We hope we have succeeded, so from today you will always use them to a lesser extent.

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