4 tips to find the right motivation and complete the diet

If you've tried any kind of diet but you have not been able to complete it perhaps you have not had the right mental attitude. “Dieting is one mental condition more than physical ed be proactive it is essential to succeed », confirms Claudia Romani, an expert psychologist in eating disorders.

To enter the right state of mind you can get help from words: «Saying positive phrases aloud, in fact, influences your mind», explains Romani, «is a way to“ make firm ”and consolidate what you are only imagining.

These statements are also a spur to make you feel more motivated to act to reach the weight you have set for yourself ", concludes the expert. Below you will find the frasi for this more effective.

1. From this moment I take care of myself, I love myself, I have faith in myself and I am sure that I will make it.

Say this sentence before starting your new food journey and every time you check the diet you have decided to follow. Repeat it for at least two times, to you loudly and slowly.

It will help you to trust your abilities. To be stronger and more confident to make it. Not only that: it is a certificate of love towards yourself: important not to start a new diet in a climate of hostility and anger that would make you collapse at the first difficulty.

2. I go out to eat to socialize, not to binge, I will eat with pleasure the foods included in my diet and I will be grateful to the people around me and happy with my plate.

Say this sentence as you prepare yourself before going out for dinner. Repeat it in front of the mirror, fixing your gaze on your reflection, until you feel a sensation of security and inner strength.

It will help you stay firm on your decision and a don't get carried away from the vision of tempting foods. 

3. My weight has stayed the same this week, but I feel lighter.

Say this when you step on the balance and acknowledge that you have not lost weight. Repeat it aloud, at least once up to a maximum of four, and only after repeating it, step off the scale.

It will help you understand that it is important not to be in a hurry, don't want everything right away. Your winning equation should be: patience = success

4. I let myself go to some gluttony: it can happen, I will continue getting back on track immediately. 

Say this if you've indulged in one mischief or a hunger attack. Repeat it at least two or three times, aloud, in a gentle and loving tone, avoiding doing it in anger.

Keep calm and be forgiving: you are already doing a lot. The more you repeat it, the more merciful you will be with yourself and the will fade away guilt.

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