4 excuses that take you away from your goals

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4 excuses that take you away from your goals

Last update: July 26, 2015

“I will do it tomorrow”, “I have no time”, “I am not inclined”… All these phrases that you have certainly said a few times and that have served to build a wall between you and your goals.

The goals to be achieved and the dreams to come true are the engine of our life. Those who have no goals it is as if they cannot continue living on this planet. However, many times due to fear, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence or the unknown, we end up running away from the idea of ​​dreaming, imagining or planning.

It is at this time that apologies begin to appear. They are not the same for everyone, since each person is a world of their own, but they can look alike. Maybe you didn't say or think the exact same sentence, but a similar one or one that had the same meaning.

It doesn't matter what your goal is, how difficult it is to achieve it or what needs to be done to make it come true. It is vital to put aside excuses and focus on achieving goals.

The most frequent excuses that do not allow to advance

"I have no time". The phrase par excellence of the XNUMXst century. We always live at a thousand per hour and we don't even have a minute for the important things. Our days go by and ultimately we don't enjoy anything. The current pace of life is very hectic, no one can deny it, but it is also true that wanting is power. Don't hide behind the excuse of not having free time to do things.

Doing what we need to do is a matter of priority. If there was really something that you are passionate about, you would find a few minutes free, you would wake up earlier, you would take a faster means of transport, you would not work overtime, etc. Analyze how you use your time before using it as an excuse.

"I have to save". If you have reached your budget, why not use it? True, crises, economic fluctuations and stock market values ​​don't help, but you can't put all your money aside for fear something will happen. the rest is destined for the realization of your dreams. It is unknown where you might be tomorrow and what might happen with that money. Better to use them intelligently.

“What others will think? ". The "what will they say" has always worried us and we have to accept it. What will my parents think if I abandon my studies because I don't like this faculty? What will my in-laws say if I decide to give up my job to look after my children? How will my friends react if I tell them that I have decided to start their own business?

Don't care what people think. They will always have reasons to criticize, whatever you do. If you really care what others say about your actions, talk to your loved ones before making a decision, but the last word is always up to you.

"I don't have the skills to do it ”. Lack of self-esteem is a very serious problem that does not allow us to make our dreams come true. If we don't trust our abilities, it's impossible to move forward and achieve our goals. Nobody was born knowing things, don't forget that. You may need more experience, knowledge or practice, but never say you are "good for nothing", even when things don't go your way.

If you haven't even tried it, how do you know you can't? You will certainly stumble upon many stones along the way. Your ability is to take them off and continue. Life is about making mistakes and learning from mistakes and then making another mistake and continuing.

Put aside the excuses and be brave. Do not say that "this is not the right time", "I am too old", "everything has already been invented" or "I am afraid of failing". Try everything you can. If what you hoped for does not happen, at least you will have a new experience to add to your anecdotes.

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