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Draining centrifuges: the main ingredients

Abdominal bloating, digestive difficulties, swelling of limbs, face and neck, feeling of heaviness: it takes a draining centrifuged.


It is thought that making a juice is easy and always beneficial: it is certainly less harmful than any other industrial juice or sweetened drink, but for make the most of it it is necessary to start from some very specific assumptions.

First of all, centrifuged is not a meal replacement.

Draining centrifuged: vegetables and fruit

The centrifuged in fact brings vitamins and minerals, but excludes the fibers of the fruit.


Its high presence of water allows it to drain liquids, making anyway nutritional elements important, but it does not constitute a meal nor can it be accompanied by the meal itself.


Some juices, when combined with a full meal, can instead drain generate swelling due to fermentation and gas production.


The best solution therefore is that of consume them between meals, once or twice a day, and always respecting the proportions between fruit and vegetables.


La fruit, in fact, it brings sugars which, instead of improving the metabolic condition, worsen it, generating blood sugar spikes with consequent hunger crises. 

It follows that we must avoid fruit as much as possible, opting for vegetables.

Draining centrifuged: the combinations

Carrots also have a high glycemic index, so it would be better to reduce their use, or combine them with other highly draining vegetables and never with fruit.


Try to make the combination as simple as possibleThere is no point in overloading the body with nutrients. The centrifuged is certainly a help, but it cannot solve problems due to an unbalanced lifestyle and diet.


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