4 anti anxiety foods

The effect of nutrition on our own is often underestimated nervous system and on the general management of problems related to anxiety. Very often fear mechanisms are triggered that can also be given by glycemic peaks linked to an incorrect diet.

The first remedy in case of anxiety is water, before going to choose specific and strategic foods. Stay hydrated and staying away from exciting and highly dehydrating substances is key. There are also useful foods to counteract anxiety by virtue of the effects they have on the body. Let's see them together.


The 4 anti anxiety foods

From dried fruit to algae, passing through commonly used food herbs and the inevitable vegetables, here are 4 anti anxiety foods.


When healthy fats are missing the brain is the first to be affected. The almonds they contain two fundamental nutrients for the well-being of the organism that are zinc and iron.

In addition to benefiting the heart, skin and bones, almonds have a natural antioxidant power. Not only anti-diabetes and anti-cancer, they are an immediate reserve in case of energy drop and represent a not indifferent supply of serenity.

They belong to the extraordinary family of dried fruit and support in case of psychophysical stress, weakness, mental fatigue thanks to the magnesium contained therein.  


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4 anti anxiety foods



Anxiety overwhelms us more easily when we lack nutrients that are very important to our health. Seaweeds are amazing natural supplements: rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and support the body as they favor the production of thyroid hormones. 

Le Kombu seaweed they protect the brain and defend the body from chronic degenerative diseases; L'alga Wakame it is sensational for supporting the nervous system as it contains calcium, vitamin C and B vitamins, as well as magnesium and iron.

L'alga Dulse it is an excellent supplement to overcome fatigue; for the management of anxiety are often also recommended microalghe Klamath, rich in vitamins, Omega 3 and amino acids.

4 anti anxiety foods



Among the herbs used in cooking, the basil it is extraordinary for its calming and relaxing properties on the entire nervous system, as well as having antioxidant qualities.

Contains active ingredients with digestive, antispasmodic, relaxing effects and is especially useful when anxiety and stress affect the digestive system. It is effective in nervous colitis, with anxiety and insomnia.

Basil is easy to grow indoors and grows all year round but prefers the summer months. Also used in the essential oil form of basil, it has extraordinary relaxing effects; it is used to counteract anxiety, insomnia, motion sickness, the dizziness, and stress, as well as being used in the treatment ofepilepsy.

Marjoram and oregano also have this type of effect.

4 anti anxiety foods


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Le carrots they are a natural reservoir of vitamins and flavonoids. They give a lot of support tointestinal system, which is our second brain and therefore is involved in making choices with serenity, in experiencing emotional states.

Carrots can be taken in the form of centrifuged. Carrot and celery juice is a useful remedy for anxiety and hypertension. 

4 anti anxiety foods


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