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    35 simple tips to live happily

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    Louise Hay

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    35 truths to learn a live happily and serene.

    The secret of happiness is not always doing what you want, but always wanting what you do.

    Lev Tolstoy

    Often to increase the well-being in one's life, a few moments are enough to reflect on what we can do and what we already have.

    For this reason I propose a small one list of thoughts to live happily.

    Read this list with peace of mind and an open mind, imagine how each point can improve the quality of your life and make you happy.

    35 tips to live happily

    1. Surround yourself with beautiful things
    2. Spend some of your time in the outdoors
    3. Be spontaneous
    4. Follow your intuitions
    5. Every now and then lie down on a lawn
    6. Don't get too attached to material things
    7. Keep fit
    8. Smile more often
    9. Do what you like
    10. be yourself
    11. Turn off the TV
    12. Don't try to always be right
    13. Complain less
    14. be positive
    15. Find your quiet of the senses
    16. Spend time with the people you love
    17. Find time to meditate
    18. Take a break from time to time
    19. Decide clearly what you want from life
    20. Develop good habits
    21. Find your sport
    22. Problems are not a problem
    23. Rediscover natural and genuine flavors
    24. Remember what you have
    25. Appreciate the good things that happen to you
    26. Every now and then thank you for what you have
    27. Sometimes slow down and relax
    28. Let go of the weights of the past
    29. Move more on foot
    30. Live your philosophy
    31. Don't worry about everyone's liking
    32. Get more sleep
    33. Clean your life of past burdens
    34. Read a good book from time to time
    35. Love yourself

    Live happy and peaceful

    Try to think about just one of these points and you will be able to understand that live happily it is more of a state of mind decided by ourselves rather than by what surrounds us.

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