33 tips to succeed

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A bit by chance I put together this collection of ideas about success. Some things may seem trivial to you, but in my opinion there are many good tips to be successful in life. Enjoy the reading!

33 tips to succeed

  1. The greatest enemy of success is not your background (where you were born), your family, your government, or your geographic location.
  2. The biggest obstacle to your success is YOU
  3. As long as your mind doesn't change, nothing changes
  4. Success is not something you get. That's what you become.
  5. Anyone can be successful if they can overcome FEAR and stop procrastinating.
  6. It is shocking to see how many people want to be successful without putting in any effort. However, success is often disguised as work and dressed in overalls.
  7. Money is a consequence of being a successful person. Money alone does not make you successful.
  8. The secret of success is hidden in books and in the wisdom of the old school. Still, most people hate reading books. No wonder so few people are successful.
  9. don't be average
  10. Even if you were born an average person, learn to do extraordinary things and you will achieve extraordinary results.
  11. If you want to be successful, look at what other people are doing and do the exact opposite.
  12. Don't walk slowly. Thieves are always lazy.
  13. Start the day early. She wakes up before the others. Some things are only accessible to early risers. And some things only happen at dawn.
  14. Take a cold shower every day. This way you will awaken your senses, put your brain on alert and push your body beyond its limits.
  15. Exercise regularly. This will improve your mental health, spark new ideas and solutions, increase testosterone (for men), improve your sex life, and increase your longevity.
  16. Never let your body get comfortable. Put it to work and it will take you to old age. Sympathize with him and he will kill you before you grow old.
  17. Success is something that is taken by force. No one will give it to you for free.
  18. To be successful, become a person of value.
  19. To be successful, always do more than you are expected to do.
  20. Don't try to make people happy. Instead try to provide a solution.
  21. If you are competing with other people, it is probably because you are inferior to them.
  22. Do not rush. You can lose the most valuable asset you have: your mind.
  23. Always eat well and get enough sleep. It will keep you healthy and happy.
  24. The most successful person in the world is not the richest man or woman. He is the healthiest man or woman.
  25. In the United States, you are considered successful if you are a millionaire. In Africa, you are considered successful if you have a large family.
  26. Success is often contagious. Follow 5 successful people and you will be the average among them.
  27. If you want to know if a person is successful or going to be successful, watch how they converse. The manifestation of success is inevitable.
  28. Success is not something you were born with. It is something you choose to become.
  29. Successful people attract success. Success attracts successful people.
  30. The opposite of success is not failure. The opposite of success is procrastination.
  31. Successful people are not without fear. They just have a lot of courage.
  32. The road to success is narrow and winding. Only a small group of people follow her.
  33. Successful people accumulate wisdom. Unsuccessful people accumulate material goods.

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