3 foods that help concentration

3 foods that help concentration

Here is a number of foods they support concentration and mood, act on nervous system and on the whole organism, including thecardio-vascular system.

Introducing them to the diet gradually and thoughtfully can lead to improvements that you will see down in the short term, especially if you are in a period in which you are feeling particularly pressured or suffer from drops in concentration and / or episodes of memory loss due to mental fatigue and psychophysics.


Dried Fruit

Dried fruit helps memory and supports the ability to concentrate. Oilseeds are highly recommended for those who have made a conscious vegetarian or vegan choice.

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, peanuts are rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, copper, calcium, proteins and essential fatty acids which are very important for the development of the organism and for the maintenance of all its functions.

Their functions affect the whole organism, not just the "control unit", the command post that is in the brain and nervous system. For example, cashews clean the blood, almonds argue skin, hair and mood, pistachios have a strong effect against forms of anxiety or depression, hazelnuts protect the heart.

They are excellent as a snack, you can consume 4-5 at a time. The quality of what you are buying is also very important: if their shells are too light they may have been chemically bleached, they must not be rancid, they must be intact and the inside must not be dry.


Whole grains  

These foods support the mind in an extraordinary way, allowing you to maintain concentration even in the long term.

Rich in fiber e vitamins E, foods such as spelled, barley, millet, oats and all whole grain grains are highly satiating and do not create the same sugar "surge" that occurs in the case of flour and egg products.

In this sense, you are less likely to run into the famous one drowsiness after eating, deleterious for the purpose of intense brain activity that must maintain more or less constant efficiency.


Bach flowers that help concentration


Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Is important that fruits and vegetables respect the cycle of the seasons. Consuming it in quantity helps you to fill up on mineral salts and antioxidants and to shield the effect of the so-called free radicals, responsible for brain aging.

In particular, with regard to fruit, when in season, give priority to blueberries, which protect the brain from oxidative stress, improve learning ability and help prevent disorders related to aging of brain cells. As for vegetables, choose i broccoli, rich in vitamin C, tomato, with the precious lycopene.

Try to season the vegetables with turmeric, spice that contains natural anti-inflammatories also useful for the brain, counteracts atherosclerosis and has been shown to be an effective aid in the prevention of Alzheimer's.


Truth about tea, coffee and concentration

Little advice on tea and coffee. Don't overdo it. You risk going through a process of acidification, fluctuating mechanisms between forms of anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and preludes of depression. Green tea deserves a separate discussion, an excellent antioxidant that inhibitsacetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that damages acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory. A couple of cups of green tea a day may be enough (strictly sugar-free and above all without sweeteners).

In general, try to be well hydrated, drink very much water. The brain cells, if well "watered", function at their best. Feeling the sense of thirst means having already undertaken the process of dehydration, always take care to prevent this phenomenon.

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