25 things a vegan has heard of at least once in their life

Your country is not a country for vegans but according to Eurispes their number tripled in 2017. Overall, 7,6% follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. In particular, 4,6% of the interviewees are vegetarians (-2,5% compared to 2016) while vegans are 3% (they were 1%). Nonetheless, social life is not always that simple.

Who hasn't happened to go out to dinner and see the waiters flee to the kitchen to find out what to serve you? And of the isolation of the holidays, to which no one wants to invite you anymore so as not to change the menu proposed for a lifetime, do we want to talk about it?

What can we say, then, of the grandmothers who cannot understand that they can no longer gorge their beloved grandchildren with the Easter lamb, or of the friends who, while apparently accepting the "inexplicable" choice, do not miss an opportunity to make unbearable jokes or hallucinating questions, which make even the most patient drop their arms?

Here 25 things a vegan has heard of at least once in their life:

1. Vegan? Oh no, are you obsessed with this fashion too?

2. Don't eat meat? So what do you eat?

3. If you don't even eat milk and eggs, will you eat tuna?

4. You care so much about animals, but don't you think about the children who are dying of hunger?

5. If they were all like you, the world would be overrun with animals!

6. And don't you mind the vegetables? Plants suffer too! (Arghhhhhh….)

7. Come on, eat the fish, fish don't suffer ...

8. So what good are canines if we have to eat only vegetables?

9. It's a shame, you don't know what you're missing ... (as if one were born vegan!)

10. Here, I cooked the stuffed vegetables especially for you! (Too bad there is ground coffee inside ...)

11. So what are you going to put inside a sandwich?

12. I made chicken with potatoes, but you can eat potatoes ... (Oh, thank you, very kind dad!)

13. How do you play sports? Can you then stand up? And where do you get the proteins from?

14. Tofu? What the hell is that? They told me it sucks (Well, yes, in fact it is not the top of the taste ...)

15. Since the animals are already dead, you don't kill them!

16. Desserts without milk and eggs? And what are they made of, of air?

17. Oh, I'd love to be vegan, but I like NORMAL food too much ...

18. Unfortunately I can't go vegan, I'm anemic ...

19. Are you vegan?!? But you look so healthy! (Yeah, don't worry, I don't go yellow like the Simpsons ...)

20. You make all the precious things, but then you buy your shoes and leather bags ...

21. But when you drive the midges you kill them, huh?!?

22. Come on, take a piece of cheese, nobody sees you anyway, we don't say it!

23. Ok say no to cheese and eggs, but not eating honey is too much too much ...

24. It is impossible for the whole world to become vegan, what would Eskimos eat?

25. I understand furs and leather bags, but LEATHER shoes you can put them on, right?!?

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How many times have they also asked you? Leave in the comments the most absurd and curious questions they have ever asked you.


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