24 phrases to protect our emotional independence

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24 phrases to protect our emotional independence

Last update: 24 March, 2022

We must learn to enjoy ourselves, when we are alone and in company, and avoid that our happiness depends on others. The only love that can be imposed is that of oneself. We must suppress our insecurities, prevent them from enslaving us and choose to be the masters of ourselves and our lives.

Love and addiction are adversaries; if they coexist, they destroy us. If this happens, even if the relationship continues, love darkens and submits to addiction.

We need to change the need to preference, which is much healthier. 

We can love and adore our partner, but we must maintain good self-esteem to grow personally, to make our maturity reach its maximum splendor.

It is complicated to understand, but love must not be confused with falling in love. Love is not anguish, nor butterflies in the stomach, nor giving oneself totally to one's partner. To love does not mean to drown, to submit; love is not sacrifice.

Love is quiet and it is not obsessive, it is moderate, love is reason, desire, friendship, attention and balance. There is no terror in love and therefore it is worth changing. Below we introduce you 24 phrases that remind us of the importance of protecting our emotional independence: 

1- There is no love that can fill the emptiness of a person who does not love himself.

2- I don't need you, but I prefer you.Walter laugh

3- If you can't love me as I deserve, go away! There will be someone able to understand how much I am worth. W. Rice

4- I love you because I want to love you, because I have chosen you and because I like being close to you; not because you are indispensable to my happiness. W. Rice

5- I will no longer be a slave to my emotional past, but I will live my present with emotion. 

6- They made us believe that each of us is half of an apple and that life only makes sense when we can find the other half. They did not tell us that we are born whole, that nobody in our life deserves to carry on their shoulders the responsibility of completing what we lack. Jhon Lennon

7- They made us believe in a formula called "two in one": two people who think the same, act the same, that only this could work. They didn't tell us this has a name: cancellation. That just being individuals with your own personality allows us to have a healthy relationship .. John Lennon

8- You don't have to prove anything to others, only to yourself.

9- Love is freedom and growth and not possession and limitation.

10 In order to love someone, you must first love yourself.

11 There is no love, but the proof of love, and the proof of love towards the one we love is to let him live freely.

12 I will love you being aware that it is we who invent and reinvent the love we live every day.

13  You cannot depend on anyone to be happy, no relationship will give you the peace that you have not found within.  

14 Do not depend on anyone in this world, for even your own shadow leaves you in the dark.

15 If you are only happy when you show affection, maybe you should review your self-esteem. W. Rice.

16 When I started to really love myself, I realized that, under any circumstances, I was in the right place, at the right time, at the right time and only then could I relax. Today I know that all this has a name: Self-esteem.

17 When I started to really love myself, I started to get rid of everything that wasn't good for me: people, situations and anything else that pushed me down. My reason initially called this selfish attitude. Today it is called… Amor proprio. 

18 Dependence on the person you love is a way to bury yourself alive, an act of psychological self-mutilation in which self-respect and the essence of oneself are offered and given away irrationally. W. Rice

19 If you fail to realize what you are worth, chances are you will join someone who like you does not realize it.

20 When you find that you can be your biggest fan, you will abandon the habit of continually seeking the approval of others. Rafael Vidac

21 Walking through life I realized that the important thing is not to know what one has, but what one is worth.  

22 Loving yourself is the beginning of a life-long adventure. Oscar Wilde.

23 Everyone can choose whether to be a happy and optimistic person or a sad and negative person. No one is responsible for making someone else happy or not.  The choice depends only on ourselves. 

24 Because no one can know in your place, no one can grow in your place. Nobody can search for you. Nobody can do for you what you yourself have to do. Existence does not admit representatives. Jorge Bucay

We hope you enjoyed it! 

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