21 things to sacrifice to be free and happy

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By letting go, we become free to use all of our mental power to enjoy this moment and create a wonderful future.

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There are things that are really hard to ditch, but I'm not talking about choosing whether to do without your car or whether it's time to get rid of the television.

As it often happens, the hardest choices to make are those within us because it is the decisions that somehow force us to change our skin and become another person.

A new person, different and still unknown: a leap into the void that only time can tell us if right or wrong.

21 things to sacrifice to be truly happy

  1. The need to be perfect. Perfectionism can become a real obsession that makes us dependent on a vision of ourselves that is often completely unattainable. We must always keep in mind that absolute perfection does not exist, there is a perfection with respect to a point of view at a given moment in time.
  2. The need to please everyone. We are often told that we cannot please everyone and we always agree with this statement. But do we really act like we don't have to be liked by everyone or does it win us if we aren't liked by someone?
  3. The obsession with control. Control is a form of self-affirmation: abandoning it means freeing yourself from the need to feel in charge of anything and any situation. We must accept that we cannot control everything: we will immediately be freer to live. If you want to deepen this aspect, take a look at lesson n ° 3 that I learned from life.
  4. The demands on close people. As Giacomo rightly wrote in this article, most of the things we take for granted are claims. Freeing ourselves from the demands we have towards others is a step towards our well-being and our inner freedom.
  5. Prejudices about money. There are so many prejudices about money that a book would not be enough to list them all: in this article I expose the most important ones. Any prejudice about money is a seed that makes us frustrated because we cannot deny that it, whether we like it or not, is part of the society we live in.
  6. Our ego. The ego is not us but the image we have of ourselves in our mind. When our ego is not calibrated with reality we run into several problems: read this article to completely recalibrate your ego.
  7. Our insecurity. Being insecure precludes us from living our life to the fullest and being happy. If you want to cut your insecurities, I recommend the True Self-Esteem path.
  8. The fool we have made in the past. If old fools are tormenting us, it's time to let them go. We can't change the past, but Negatively fish out these events is like giving permission to these fools to make them pollute even the present.
  9. Hatred of society. In recent years, the hatred of society has increased dramatically, especially thanks to television that feeds (and makes money) on bad news. As easy as hating society is, feeding hatred means sowing in a field that will not produce any fruit.
  10. The need to always be right. Being obsessed with the need to always look right is also a form of self-affirmation often caused by low self-esteem. Sometimes we fail to accept that we are wrong so as not to perceive ourselves as losers.
  11. The need to change people. We must realize that it is not possible to change other people as we normally understand. There is a way to change others but no one is really willing to try it all the way, because the only way to change others is to change yourself first.
  12. The desire to impress others. Even if we don't realize it, we try to impress others all the time: for example if our shoes are still good, why do we change them? We do this to improve the opinion others have of us: have you ever thought about it? If we sacrifice the need to impress people we don't know and don't care about, we open the door to a happier and more balanced life.
  13. Useless criticism. Criticism is also part of the things to sacrifice to be happy. When we have a strong tendency to criticize others, it means that we are the first to criticize ourselves.
  14. The sirens in our mind. Mermaids in ancient times were female creatures who seduced sailors with their voices, deceiving them and persuading them to perform actions that did not fit into their plans. Today the same thing happens: maybe we promise ourselves to go to the gym but that siren in the head confuses us and tells us that we can skip the training and maybe do double the exercises tomorrow (which we will never do). Leave the mermaids alone, keep the promises you make to yourself, perhaps using this foolproof technique.
  15. The unnecessary complaints. Complaining is a great temptation that allows us to become a victim to understand, to listen to, to pamper and to pity. The hard truth however is that being understood and pitied will not take us one step further on our path.
  16. Excuses. Always having an excuse for anything doesn't allow us to evolve and be happy. Don't we like work? Blame the crisis. Are our relationships unsatisfying? That person's fault. So easy right? Empowering ourselves is the first step to turning our existence around.
  17. The (presumed) expectations that others have of us. We live in a world of expectations, some true and some false: let me explain. Some people have real expectations of us, but often it is we who attribute to others expectations that in reality are not there. This leads us to behave in certain ways believing to meet expectations that do not even exist.
  18. The need to feel accepted. As human beings we feel a deep need to be accepted by our fellow men. The problem arises when the desire to be accepted becomes too strong and pushes us to to repudiate ourselves to be accepted by others.
  19. Values ​​that are not really ours. The education and the whole process of domestication that we underwent as children have instilled in us values ​​that we may no longer share, perhaps for many years. We must always re-evaluate our values ​​and if they are no longer in line with ourselves, abandon them before they harm us.
  20. Hatred and anger. Hatred, resentment, and anger fuel a cycle of unhappiness and imprisonment. It is not easy but we must try to abandon them to be truly happy.
  21. The weight of our culture. Our culture and heritage weigh heavily on us, but we don't really realize it. Anything that seems right to us is not an absolute truth but a partial truth for our culture, or rather for one of the many existing points of view. Sometimes we have to re-evaluate our traditions and if necessary overcome them.

What would you like to let go?

Leaving something that belongs to us is not easy, even if it is a question of negative feelings that can damage us in the long run.

The more time passes, the more we identify with the sensations we experience, be they positive or negative, therefore it becomes vital sacrifice something to feel good.

And what would you like to leave out of these 21 things?

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