15 tips to overcome a love disappointment

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15 tips to overcome a love disappointment

Last update: 24 September, 2015

She feels completely disappointed, she is unhappy with him ... She doesn't recognize him anymore ...

Where did that person you fell in love with? Why is she acting this way, with that indifference that hurts so much? He would even prefer to discuss as in the past, but now there is nothing left, not even the quarrels.

Love is deeply hurting the soul, especially when it is unrequited. It is a pain unlike any other. It seems to be an insuperable thing, with which you will never be able to live with. It is the disappointment of love.

However, we all know what it is, we all experience that feeling in life that never seems to pass, but which then passes ... And even if we are convinced that we no longer want to believe in love, love will return when we least expect it and always randomly because love is never sought, it is found..

How can a disappointment in love be overcome?

 1. Accept the situation. In life there are thousands of situations that we can not help but accept, because life is like that. When you begin to accept what comes your way, you stop fighting it and you can finally metabolize it.

2. Let the other person go. Don't commit yourself to something that cannot exist. If that person doesn't want to be with you, let them go, otherwise you'll end up developing an obsession that won't lead you to anything good.

3. Take your time. Do not despair, there will always be moments "no", the memory of that person will invade your mind, but always remember one thing: "give time to time".

4. Cry as long as it takes. Through the tears you release all the sadness that you have inside of you. Crying is a wonderful way to cleanse the soul. If you decide to eliminate all the pain you have inside with tears, you will feel much calmer, relaxed.

5. Do activities that enrich you. Keeping your mind busy is very important. Do the things you've always enjoyed. Reading, writing, painting, playing sports, doing manual activities ...

6. Try not to prolong the inner monologue about that person. Of course, when you go through a bad time, that person doesn't leave your thoughts. You have to say enough! Try to do it once and for all! You will surely succeed in the end.

7. Listen to music. Music relaxes the soul, awakens endorphins, that is, the hormones of happiness. When you are already in good spirits, turn on the music loud and start dancing!

8. Reflect, forgive. Make the pain you need to learn. Only by living does one learn to live. Take it as an extra experience in life that has served to enrich you as a person. Forgive and forgive yourself if you have done wrong. Evil is useless, only to hurt yourself.

9. Find comfort in the people who love you most. In these moments it is good that you surround yourself with people who really care and love you. A hug, a laugh and a chat can be of great help.

10. Start from scratch. Once the pain is gone, erase everything and start from scratch. Life goes on and you still have thousands of wonderful things to experience.

Cut ties with that person. Don't read his emails, delete all the photos. This has nothing to do with hatred or hatred, avoid these feelings. Sometimes it is simply necessary to keep your distance to forget. Maybe in the future you may or may not be friends, but at the moment if you want to forget, put away all memories of that person.

11. Help yourself with writing. Many times, writing down your feelings is a good way to let off steam. There are people who write letters to themselves and then burn them. It is a symbolic act, you could try it too in order to cut ties and leave that relationship behind.

12. Take care of your health more than ever. When you are sad, your immune system suffers. Eat in a healthy and balanced way. Don't neglect your health and indulge in a chocolate or something sweet from time to time.

13. If they left you for another person, never compare yourself to that person. “Comparisons are always hateful”, goes a famous proverb that sums up this advice perfectly.

14. Get out and meet new people. Many times we do not realize that we have focused too much on the partner and we forget that there are thousands of wonderful people in the world. We are not just talking about possible partners, but also about friends, people to have a chat with, have a good time and have a laugh with. A few laughs and good times with friends will help you a lot. Don't forget to repeat to yourself “I promise to laugh, even just once! I deserve it".

15. Read articles or even books on the subject in order to get some useful advice. Perhaps this article of ours can help you if you are experiencing a love disappointment. Let us at least try to give you the strength and support you need to get through this moment.


When a door is closed, a door opens.

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