15 signs to find out if it's the love of your life

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15 signs to find out if it's the love of your life

Last update: December 01, 2015

"You fall in love when you realize that the other person is unique"

Jorge Luis Borges

Certainly sometimes you may have wondered if it is the love of your life. It is difficult to explain what it feels like to be in love, but one thing is certain: everyone experiences the feeling of being in heaven when they are with the person they are in love with.

We live in a society where love and relationships are presented to us as something utopian; consequently, we are unable to recognize them when they enter our life. Love is such a wonderful emotion and feeling that, when it happens, we cannot let it slip away. For this reason, we invite you to find out if the person you are with is the love of your life, thanks to these 15 signals. Do you recognize more than a few?

1) Don't think about your ex anymore. When you find true love, everything else becomes secondary. You feel on a cloud of security and authenticity. You are not afraid, you are aware that the person next to you will never harm you.

Don't worry, doubts don't exist.

There is only the enhancement of the present moment and of the person you love. Exes will appear in your memories only as a necessary memory in your life, a part of your growth. Nothing more.

2) You don't need to talk all the time. Love is security, trust and authenticity. You feel at ease, loved ones, and silence becomes your best friend, because with a simple glance both hearts are filled and you communicate everything.

3) It makes you feel good. When we love, we cultivate our path in the name of empathy and respect. The pursuit of happiness for both of you causes your partner to make you feel better when you are not well. Simply, at the sight of your partner, the heart is flooded with well-being.

4) You feel free to be yourself. In both good times and bad times, he / she hasn't changed their mind about you. The judgment disappears from your emotional dictionary and the "who knows what he will think" turns into a simple "I love you". Nothing else matters.

5) There are no jealousies or grudges. The love of your life knows that you have chosen to share your heart only with him / her. Safety has already been demonstrated on several occasions, making jealousies and resentments disappear.

6) Yours he / she freely chooses you to be his / her priority. His love for him leads him to do for you, in a sincere and free way, things that he would not do for anyone else. He accompanies you when you need him, just as you would do for him. The place where you live together is a space full of peace and well-being.

Each activity will quickly turn into sincere sharing. She is always by your side in the most delicate moments, even if you have not asked her to. Support is his best gift.

“I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing gives me more joy than seeing you happy”.

George Sand

7) Understands the importance of your family. She visits your family with you and always does it in a good mood, with a smile. He knows that family is important to you and that it is part of your life, the life he intends to share with you.

8) Knows what's important to you. The important things and issues related to life as a couple and your well-being must be resolved naturally. You don't have to constantly ask your partner to pay attention to your needs. He takes care of discovering them for himself and making you feel good.

9) You did not expect this to be the case. Did you expect your he / she to have all the qualities of your list? Surely not. You have discovered a different person, both physically and emotionally. And his personality made you fall in love. Nothing else matters.

10) You are speechless. No matter how many times you say "I love you", it will never be enough. Your love is so great that your heart lights up more every day. You simply love him / her.

11) You can't stop laughing. Since you feel free to be yourself, you learn to have fun and live in the moment. You are very accomplices, so every joke or situation turns into a moment full of hilarity and fun.

12) He's your number one fan. It fills your days by telling you how awesome, beautiful, smart and strong you are inside. It is always by your side when you need a boost and its support is among the most solid you have found.

13) He knows you like few people. The trust between the two of you is total and you want him to really get to know you. You feel free and you want to tell him / her all the peculiarities of your character.

14) Admire him / her and his / her heart. You have been thinking for some time that he is the most incredible person you have ever met and you want to get to know him more and more. Feeling love makes you better and able to carry out all your projects.

15) This is the first time you feel this way. Certainly, from the earliest days you have felt that this relationship was different from all the others you have experienced. Can you explain how you feel? It's complicated. But that's where the magic lies. Is that the love of your life, the magic of your existence.

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