13 Things A Gym Enthusiast Hates

13 Things A Gym Enthusiast Hates 

Here is a list of the items most hated by gym enthusiasts!

1. Negative thoughts

The approach to the world of fitness comes primarily from a desire for self-improvement whether it is to lose weight, get stronger or faster.

A true gym enthusiast, he avoids focusing on his "shortcomings", or on what he wants to change about himself, focusing instead on small changes and goals that slowly manages to reach.

2. Train without a goal

While every workout is a win, some are better than others.

True gym enthusiasts they plan all their workouts (e.g. Monday leg workout, Wednesday arm workout, etc. etc.)

3. The "demoralizers"

You recognize them immediately, they are in every group at work or among friends. They say phrases like "There are other things besides the gym" or "I don't think it's good to be that muscular".

Well, gym enthusiasts stay away from these people.

4. Limited clothing

If you can't squat or sweat, then that's not the right clothing for you! Gym enthusiasts start off wanting to buy cute and stylish clothes but always end up buying comfortable, super stretchy clothes.


5. Sugar overload and lounging on the couch

There is nothing more harmful to a gym enthusiast!

Eating a bag of sweets can be tempting but the true gym enthusiast knows that in a second moment he will pay the consequences and therefore he prefers to avoid.

6. Quick fixes

Any fitness enthusiast knows that there are no quick fixes (probably because he tried it on his own skin during his sporting journey, made up of sacrifices and dedication).

If you want a perfect "beach" body, it will take a lot more than 2 weeks and some expensive green tea drinks.

7. Ready foods

Buying food on the fly almost certainly means buying processed food, lacking the nutrients your body really needs.

Then a what a true gym enthusiast does is plan and prepare food in advance that will consume.

8. Apologies

If you are looking for it, there will always be an excuse not to start the gym and get further away from your goals. Social life, work ... a true gym enthusiast finds no excuses but sacrifices himself and commits himself to what he loves.

9. Lack of variation

Whether it's food or training, variety is always good. Eg, trying new spices can be a great solution to get out of the monotony of the usual food and the usual flavors, maybe why not try a new course in the gym?

10. The right shoes

Shoes really make a difference! Whether you are a runner or a powerlifter, each business has its own specific footwear that will allow you to better achieve your goals.

11. False gym buddies

We've all made this mistake at least once, a friend offers us to go to the gym together but in reality during training he does nothing but lose tempor and chatting not focusing on the exercises.

12. Abandon ship

An invitation to dinner and your plans to eat meat and vegetables jump? Don't make a tragedy of it!

The true fitness enthusiast does not make a problem of it, quite the contrary enjoys the good food he eats and returns to his diet normally the following day and to your training, without unnecessary feelings of guilt.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a pass or fail exam.

13. Accidents

True gym enthusiasts are aware that their body can be prone to damage and injuries during training and that is why they know before and after each workout that it is good to warm up and stretch your muscles and feed your body with nutrients. necessary, for example lots of proteins are useful for muscle recovery and drinking lots of water is necessary to stay hydrated.


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