12 practical actions to start the new year well

12 effective actions to get the new year off to a great start.

12 practical actions to start the new year well

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year. A pessimist stands up to make sure the old year goes away.

Bill Vaughan

Starting the new year in a big way is possible by starting from the first days to establish new and stimulating habits.

As I told you ad nauseum, habits are the main and most effective tool for making a difference in life.

Thanks to the good intentions of the new year, it is a little easier to establish new habits, therefore it is the perfect time to evaluate your skills and add new ones.

So I've prepared a list of 12 key habits to turn your life around as the new year approaches.

12 awesome actions to start the new year right

12 practical actions to start the new year well

#1 Train your willpower. I told you about how to increase willpower in this article, read very carefully how to strengthen your mind, it is a skill that will be useful to you throughout your life. Training your willpower is not a walk in the park, so use this time of year to get started at the right pace.

#2 Start exercising right away. Physical activity is one of the cornerstones of personal growth and psychophysical well-being. Many of us at the beginning of the year propose to start doing some exercise, but often we keep putting it off: to Monday, next month, September and September we refer to the new year. Don't fall into this vicious circle and join the gym right away, start fitness at home right away or choose a sport that's right for you right away.

#4 Set one goal at a time. Having so many dreams is often very stimulating and is useful for diversifying your energies, but if you have some difficulty in meeting your commitments, start with only one goal at a time and focus on it. Once you reach the first milestone, you will be gratified and motivated to proceed with your resolutions. Remember that making a resolution is different than making a list and thinking you would like it to come true.

#5 Leave with a positive spirit. The year has just begun and you are already thinking about the problems to face and the challenges to overcome. If all this is right, however, remember to move forward with a smile, not only that of the mouth but also that of the mind.

#6 Treasure the experiences of the past year. The old year is over, leave behind mistakes and missed goals, but learn from what happened to you to make a positive change in the new year. Observe what has worked the most and get back on the field by drawing up good intentions and relying on the successes, even small ones, of the past year.

#7 Stop putting it off. I've talked to you very often about procrastination, or that tendency to postpone to an indefinite tomorrow: the typical postponement. At this time of year it is very important to try to break this bad habit, procrastination steals your life and the best way to get rid of it is to take the first step towards your project.

#8 Learn the rules for making money. Already in early January, the usual suspects are heard complaining constantly about the lack of money. If you're tired of complaining about being penniless, working with people you hate, or taking the usual 50s movie holidays, it's time to grow financially. As I said, complaining is not a strategy, if you want to increase your income you have to act, train and learn how to do it yourself.

#9 Let go of the fafioché mentality. Who are the fafioché? In Piedmontese this word indicates people who talk a lot about projects and ideas that they will surely carry out but then never finish anything. Even if you are not a fafioché, sometimes we all have a tendency to talk too much and act little. Let go of this mindset and start doing more and talking less.

#10 Get out of the comfort zone. I have dedicated an entire article to the comfort zone you find here. You know the routines in which we unconsciously imprison ourselves and which harness us in the usual habits, in the usual places and in the usual traditions? This area is comfortable and reassuring, but it does not allow you to carry out important actions to achieve new goals, to start the new year well, commit to getting out of this area little by little.

#11 Start a good book. Reading is one of the habits of the winners, in another article, which you find here, I told you about the very important benefits that reading brings with it. If you already read, you can try to improve even more to try to reach your ideal reading pace. Many talk about the fateful 52 books a year, but establishing an equal number for all does not find me very much in agreement. Everyone should reach the number of books that allow them to actually benefit from what they are reading. If 52 is too many for you, increase it until you reach your maximum and once you get used to it, try to increase it, but untie yourself from this enchanted number.

#12 Learn how to rest. If you can't sleep well for a satisfactory number of nights, you should spend some of your time trying to improve your sleep. There are several strategies that I have explained in this article.

To get the new year off to a good start, focus on the one point on this list that touches you more than the others and focus on achieving that first.

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