11 strategies to regain inner strength

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11 strategies to regain inner strength

Last update: October 04, 2015

How many times do you feel depressed because things don't go as you expect, because the world is against you lately, or because you have the feeling that as soon as you take a step you ruin everything? And you wonder "where do I find the strength to go on?". We all sooner or later experience these feelings of defeat, of failure and we cannot find meaning in our life on many occasions..

The important thing, after all, is not the fact of experiencing these sensations as much as what we do with them, the laziness and heaviness they arouse in us. How to better manage these negative emotions whether or not they are based on real facts?

It is not a simple task and to help you we point out 11 tips that can help you:

1. Focus on the positives in your life. There are certainly a lot of positive things in your life, but you are blinded by the negativity. A good way to find out is to make a list. When you feel bad, take out your list and read it. In the end, life isn't what it is, it's how you feel.

2. It doesn't hurt that it lasts a hundred years. If something bad is happening to you, do not forget that nothing is eternal, neither happiness, nor sadness, nor misfortune. Our personal story has multiple colorful shades, so is life.

3. Tomorrow is another day. In difficult times you have to think that "tomorrow is another day". It will give you great relief.

4. Recognizing mistakes and rectifying them is wise. If you have made a mistake at work, with your partner or friend, instead of brooding over the matter, apologize and give a hug, which is very simple and the problem is solved.

5. Surround yourself with people who give you positivity. It is proven that those who surround themselves with positive people see everything differently. Talk about your problems. Sometimes a friend who relativizes the problem with you and makes you laugh is enough to solve the problem.

6. Do not seek solutions outside, but within yourself. You are the only one who has the power to change your mind and consequently see what happens if you change your point of view.

7. Mal common means joy. Of course, the fact that you are not the only one to suffer bad things or to suffer helps you to feel less dramatic about yourself and your problems.

8. Do your favorite activity. So many times you prefer to stay seated on the sofa and rethink your problems, why don't you go out with any excuse, even that of channeling the energies and vitamins that the sun offers? As soon as you get your body moving and take in some air and sun, you will immediately notice that you have a different complexion.

9. Help yourself with physical activity. Do any kind of physical activity, such as dancing, walking at least three times a week, practicing meditation before going to sleep. Go at your own pace, but make an effort to include some activity in your life.

10. Listen to your inner voice. “I can't”, “I'm just out of luck”, “I can't do anything good”… In this life everything is very relative or, as they say, “In this treacherous world there is neither truth nor lie. It all depends on the color of the glass through which you look ". Change your inner voice with positive phrases, "Tomorrow will be better", "How happy and satisfied I will feel when I can overcome everything thanks to my inner strength", "What happened to me helped me to mature, everything happens for a reason ".

11. Believe in yourself, be persistent, and trust that your actions will help you. Many times things change along the way, after trial or error. It is an approximation exercise that should not discourage you. On the contrary, you have the challenge of learning and enjoying every moment.

Life isn't easy, has anyone said the opposite? Inner strength, however, can be of great help to you. You have to learn to manage your emotional intelligence. With these tips we want to infuse you with the strength and courage you need to overcome anything, because “when a door closes, a door opens”.

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