10 weird but well-paying jobs

10 weird but well-paying jobs

If you are looking for a private, well-paid job that leaves your acquaintances speechless, find out about the professions that we inform you about below:

Weird but well paid jobs:

1. Professional bed warmers

No one wants to get into a cold bed. To solve this problem, if you don't trust electronic devices that can kill you in your sleep, you can hire a human warmer.

Yes… a human warmer, a job that requires extreme professionalism. While on the one hand such a service would cost you a lot, on the other hand you can earn money just by staying hidden.

2. Aircraft recovery

The men who deal with “airborne” debt collection do interesting but still very dangerous work. They have to find, track, and return to vendors planes whose dues have not been paid. An "aircraft recovery" must then be an expert pilot, authorized to fly all types of aircraft, from the rusty seaplane to the private jet. Even the helicopters. With so many flying craft, the plane salvage needs to be able to fly just about anything.

3. Treats

Huggers are hired to hug. You need a hug? Hire a professional mime! You can contact them by phone and they work with people of all ages. If you want to become a professional mascot, be careful: people may have the wrong idea about your profession. Make it clear to your clients that you pamper yourself and do not provide sexual services.

4. Golf ball retriever

Retrievers are the ones who return the golf ball to players who lose it. There may also be professional recoverers. And you can earn up to $15 per ball, which is a really good amount. Lots of people work as ball boys. What can be better than exercising and earning money at the same time?

5. Marijuana extractor

It is not necessary to have an official certification. To become an excellent marijuana extraction technician, you must have a lot of experience in the field, but you will earn a lot of money for your efforts. As a marijuana extractor, you can earn up to $80.000-120.000 a year (in countries where it is legal to grow it).

6. Itinerant Hot Dog Vendor

Americans spend $2 billion a year on hot dogs, according to the Sausage Council. Incredible as it may sound, a hot dog vendor can earn up to $100 a year. The reason is that the costs of starting the business are very low and the margin on the associated products is very high.

7. Ghostwriter for citation sites.

Over the last 20 years, online dating has steadily evolved to form a $3.2 billion a year market. According to surveys, most singles have joined a dating site at least once in their life. To make a better first impression, people have started hiring professional writers to curate their profile.

8. Maintenance of high bay lights

You may have noticed while out and about at night that some towers have flashing red lights at the top. These are required by law to make those structures more visible to aircraft flying over the area. But who is it that changes these big light bulbs? Well... someone has to climb those tall towers and do the maintenance! You can easily collect thousands of euros for just one day of work.

Who said you can't get rich by replacing light bulbs?

9. Ice cream taster

John Harrison is an "official ice cream taster" in the United States. Harrison's taste buds are insured for $1 million. He adheres to a very strict diet so as not to compromise his tasting abilities.

10. Fart Sniffer

Perhaps the most surprising work on this list. In China, smelling farts is a real profession and you can earn up to $50.000 a year. This practice is useful in the medical field, where these professionals are able to detect diseases through intestinal emissions.

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