10 truths of life that we forget every day

    10 truths of life that we forget every dayIt is surprising to see how easily you forget about really important things in life. The succession of intense and hectic days is the best way to lose perspective, drown in the routine, start living on autopilot and forget the basics. Therefore, there are truths that we should never stop repeating ourselves, as if they were a mantra. These are truths that will help you stay focused on your goals and allow you to achieve better emotional balance.
    1. Being busy doesn't mean being productiveJust look around. Most of the people around us seem very busy, moving quickly from place to place, attending meetings and replying to rivers of emails and messages. But are they really producing something? In fact, productivity and success don't always come from movement and activity, but rather from concentration and attention. In fact, often our typical day is consumed through dozens of activities that are not important and do not meet our vital goals.However, since every day we have the same number of hours available and we can do absolutely nothing to increase them, we would do better to use them wisely. Therefore, make sure that your efforts are paying off and that you use your time not only to keep yourself busy, but to be productive and, above all, to get closer and closer to the goals that really matter to you.
    2. Fear is the main cause of repentanceFear is often a silent enemy that creeps into small crevices and gradually begins to grow within us. In fact, it is fear that prevents us from taking the first steps towards the realization of our dreams and keeps us tied to a reality that we do not like.During our whole life we ​​experience three main fears: 1. The fear of leaving our zone of comfort where we feel safe (not happy or satisfied), 2. The fear of losing the people we love and, 3. The fear of failure. These fears are not always clearly expressed, in fact, we are often not fully aware that we are feeding them. fears. However, they become our main obstacle to achieving our dreams and by the time we reach the end of life, they will have been the main cause of our regrets. Remember that there is nothing worse than asking, "What would have happened if only I had dared?"3. You don't need excuses to forgiveLife flows better when we let go of resentment and forgive. When we harbor a grudge for past wrongs we are only ruining our present. Hate and anger are like emotional parasites that destroy our happiness and affect our psychological balance. Negative emotions that arise fueled by resentment generate a great deal of stress, which also has devastating consequences on our health. Therefore, one of the most important lessons we can implement is to forgive.Remember that you don't need to get an apology from the person who offended you to forgive them and move on. Because when you feed the grudge, it is you who hurt yourself. Forgiveness does not mean condoning the person's actions, but simply shaking off the role of the victim.
    4. Great successes are often preceded by failuresYou will never experience success until you learn to embrace failure. Mistakes are like steps on the ladder to success. In fact, every time you make a mistake you are closer to success, because at least you have learned which one of the strategies does not work to achieve your goals. Always think that the greatest discoveries have often occurred after numerous failures. In fact, after a failure we feel frustrated and frustration leads us to think differently, makes us think outside the box and glimpse solutions that we had neglected.Success does not happen overnight, it requires a lot of patience and the ability to stay motivated. Along the way.
    5. You are living the life you created yourselfWe are not victims of circumstances. No one has forced us to make choices that lead us in the opposite direction to our values ​​and aspirations. According to the Butterfly Effect, we are the result of all the small decisions we have made over time, so we have created the circumstances we are experiencing today in some way ourselves. This means that it is necessary to discard the role of victim and take responsibility for our life, because the future depends only on us.If you are tired and have missed an opportunity it is likely that it is due to the fear of taking on new risks. Therefore, whenever you make a decision remember that no matter how small it is, it is still one step up the ladder of your life.
    6. Self-esteem must be nurtured from withinWhen the satisfaction we feel for our results depends directly on the comparison with others, we stop being masters of our destiny. When we let others manipulate our self-esteem and emotions, we are handing them over the reins of our life. confirm our value. When you feel good about something you have done don't let the opinions of others take away that good feeling. At some point in life, self-esteem is something we have to nurture from within. This means that we must learn to see the judgments of others as mere opinions, not as absolute truths that directly affect our self-esteem.
    7. You are a reflection of the people you relate toWe can't always choose the people around us, but we can decide who will be in the closest circle, the people we share our time with. So, make sure you surround yourself with people who are worthwhile, who are positive and inspiring, who share your worldview and who are supportive.If you surround yourself with toxic people, at best you will end up losing motivation. At worst you will end up assuming their attitudes. You don't need to have people around you who make you feel inferior, who convey anxiety, fear and despair. Life is too short for these people to steal your energy and joie de vivre.Remember that, like it or not, the people around us end up influencing our worldview, attitudes and decisions we make let's take, so it's important to surround yourself with people who are role models for us.
    8. Change is inevitable, embrace itWe love what we know because in our mind it is synonymous with stability and security. This is why we usually resist change. But if there is something certain in life, it is that changes are inevitable, so it is essential to learn to deal with them with as little stress as possible.In fact, once our attitude changes we begin to consider changes as opportunities to learn, we do not have more fear of change and a new world of possibilities opens up before us, a world that we had never considered. For this reason, continuing to do things the same way and expecting change is a crazy attitude. Learn to take advantage of changes and make the most of them. Opening up to uncertainty offers us some of the most important lessons of our life.
    9. Life is unfair, learn to deal with itPretending that life is honest with us is like thinking that a hungry lion will not eat us just because we are vegetarians. But we often forget this, and we complain that life is too unfair.But crying over spilled milk is a huge waste of time and energy. Constantly thinking about how things should be is usually a way of hiding in an ideal world that exists only in our mind, while rejecting the real problems we face.Life is unfair, and sadly, a lot of bad things happen to people. good. There is nothing we can do other than offer our help. But to really help change things we must learn to see them as they really are, unveiled. Only when we focus on the problem are we able to solve it.
    10. Live in the present, because that's all you haveWe are unable to develop our full potential until we have learned to live in the present. No matter how the guilt has arisen, the past cannot be changed. And no matter how we feel, anxiety won't help us improve our future. But the point is, you can be happy and productive even with these emotions - no one can guarantee you there will be a tomorrow, so make the most of the present, because that's all you have. The past is past and the future does not exist yet. Remember that worrying is like paying in advance and with interest on a debt that we do not yet know if we will ever incur. Remember that life is too short, live every moment and make it worthwhile.
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