10 traditional Indian vegan recipes

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In traditional Indian cuisine there are numerous recipes based on rice, vegetables and legumes. Many are vegetarian, others are exclusively based on vegetable ingredients and others are easily adaptable for those who are vegan, for example by replacing butter with oil and cow's milk with vegetable milk.

Here is a collection of traditional Indian recipes in a vegan version.

1) Dahl

Il dahl is a spiced soup made with lentils (or other legumes). Usually for the preparation red lentils are used which are cooked in vegetable broth and seasoned with spices such as paprika and cumin. THU the complete recipe for making Indian lentil soup.

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2) Raita of mixed vegetables

La mixed vegetable raita it is a typical dish of India. Among the ingredients we find cucumbers, to which radishes, well-ripe tomatoes, chives, vegetable yogurt to replace the classic white yogurt, fresh parsley and the typical Indian spices will be added. THU the complete recipe.

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3) Curry potato dumplings

Here is a recipe inspired by Indian cuisine. It is about the curry potato dumplings. You can prepare them with a homemade dough base and with a filling of boiled or steamed potatoes and tasty spices. Serve the dumplings as an appetizer or main course. Here the complete recipe.

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4) Lassi

One of the traditional Indian drinks is the mango lassi. To prepare the vegan version of lassi instead of cow's milk, you can use vegetable milk, such as rice milk or almond milk. You will also need cardamom and ice cubes. THU recipe.

5) Indian pilaf rice

This typical dish of Indian cuisine is prepared from basmati rice, with cooking on the stove or in the oven. For the dressing you will need almonds, saffron, cardamom, raisins, cloves, garlic and onions (which alternatively you can replace with a pinch of asafoetida. THU recipe.

6) Chapati

Il chapati a type of typical bread of Indian cuisine, widespread in much of South Asia, in some areas of the Middle East, and in several countries of East Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania. It constitutes a staple food for many regions of southern Asia, and particularly in the north of the subcontinent. It is produced from a mixture of wholemeal flour, water and salt, which is crushed to form a disk with a diameter of about 12 centimeters and then cooked on a dry and very hot plate, on both sides. Compared to the original recipe, replace the melted butter with extra virgin olive oil. THU recipe.

7) Idli

- idli they are a typical Indian dish that is prepared in various ways, for example with rice or oat flour, chopped vegetables, legumes, in particular red lentils or chickpeas, and which is cooked in special pans. As always, spices cannot be missing. THU the recipe for idli.

8) Indian spiced vegetables

To prepare this dish you will need to have a mix of diced vegetables composed of aubergines, tomatoes, garlic, onions, green beans, peppers and carrots, to which you can add peas, spices and herbs, including curry. THU recipe.

9) Masala ai peperoni

This Indian recipe it is really rich in different ingredients and flavors. To make it you will need, among other things, yellow, red and green peppers, ginger, coriander seeds, white sesame seeds, poppy seeds, turmeric, chilli and fresh coriander leaves. THU the complete recipe.

10) Homemade Curry

The spice mix that we call curry actually has the name of in India garam masala. It is a classic condiment that you can prepare at home by combining different spices such as turmeric, ginger, saffron, cumin and coriander. THU the recipe of home made curry.

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