10 tips for buying food supplements on the web

Decalogue for an informed purchase of supplements on the web

There are supplements to lose weight, but also to gain weight, for sportsmen, but also for those who want to relax. For those who want to lose fluids and for those who want to speed up their metabolism.

The world of supplements is vast, accessibility to their purchase, also thanks to the internet, is increasingly immediate and simple. But beware, all is not well. Also to choose the right supplement you need to follow some indications.

Here are summaries to follow i ten tips that according to the Feder Salus supplement guide, you must keep in mind before buying a dietary supplement. Here they are summarized here.


The 10 tips of Feder Salus

  1. Check the components before buying a supplement. The functional ingredients indicated must be admitted by the regulations and the country according to the directives available on the website of the Ministry of Health, which also lists the authorized substances.
  2. Check the dosage. It is equally important to check the quantity of the different substances present in the supplement. The correct daily dosages can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health.
  3. Check that there are no doping substances. These are in fact dangerous for the psycho-physical health of the organism. The list of doping substances can be found on the WADA, World Anti Doping Agency website.
  4. Check the real effects of a product. The label must report the real physiological and nutritional effects; be wary of all those supplements that promise miracles in no time.
  5. Seek the advice of a doctor if you are in a particular case (pregnancy for example) or if you take other supplements or medicines with which they could interact.
  6. Check the notification of the product by the Ministry of Health. It can be done by going to the page of the National Register published on the site itself, where all the supplements who have successfully completed the notification process are present.
  7. Check the manufacturing company. This can always be done by consulting the National Register of Food Supplements, which also includes, in alphabetical order, the list of notified companies.
  8. Check prices and payment methods. Before entering the data, always check that the information regarding the identity of the seller, the address, the payment methods and the characteristics of the product are present. Also check that the VAT number and the registered office of the company are shown.
  9. Pay attention to the delivery. Food supplements must be transported in adequate sanitary conditions, therefore check the mode of transport.
  10. Pay attention to unwanted effects. Report to the doctor or pharmacist the adverse reactions due to the supplements purchased on the web, the operators will inform the national phytosurveillance system.

Based on national and community legislation, the Feder Salus Decalogue explains what food supplements are and their role in maintaining a state of well-being within a healthy lifestyle.

Always pay attention: potential risks can be hidden on the web, such as the purchase of counterfeit products, with quantities of nutrients and substances with physiological action other than those declared or completely absent, or even containing harmful and unauthorized substances in the country.


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