10 things we all deserve in a relationship

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Finding a person who looks in the same direction as us, who loves us and supports us, can make us embark on the most beautiful adventure of our life. However, when we don't find the "right" person, the relationship can turn into a nightmare that ends up making us very unhappy. Therefore, it is important not to resign ourselves and to continue looking in the relationship for those things that we truly deserve. Of course, we must also be willing to give with the same intensity.

What should we look for in a relationship?

1. Someone who offers us security. It is not about economic security, but about the certainty that we can count on that person when we need them. It is the security of knowing that we have someone next to us who will not abandon us when the going gets tough. Knowing that we will always have someone who will reach out to us when everyone else leaves us. This sense of security is simply invaluable.
2. Someone who gets excited just seeing us. Even after years of relationship, those butterflies that flutter in the stomach when we are close to your loved one should never go away. We should be happy and content to see our partner, our eyes must shine when we see him. His arrival must be like the sun that lights up a bad day, not like the clouds that release a downpour. And we have to hope that the other feels the same thing.
3. Someone to have adventures with. There are very interesting places to discover, new cultures to explore, new people to meet and new passions to develop. Discovering new things makes us feel alive. And we can discover them for ourselves, but it would be much better if our partner accompanied us on these adventures. Because only when we share experiences we create bonds that last a lifetime.
4. Someone who respects us. It's not about finding someone who thinks and feels like us, but someone flexible enough to understand our ideas and feelings, even if they don't share them. In a relationship, we expect the other person to respect our individuality. Our partner must not pretend to change us, but must respect our decisions and beliefs, must love us as we are.
5. Someone who makes us grow. In a stable and mature relationship, each one admires the other, but in turn stimulates and supports him to help him grow. We deserve to have an open-minded person next to us, who always encourages us to go further and motivates us to always bring out our best "I". Living a relationship does not mean losing, but growing and gaining both. Look for someone who allows you to give your best.
6. Someone who delights us with small daily gestures. The little details are what fuel the relationship day in and day out. We deserve a person who knows what we like and who tries to make us happy through those little details that are worth a lot to us. These little daily actions are the true proof of love.
7. Someone to listen to us. When we've had a bad day and everything has gone wrong we just need a shoulder to rest on, we need someone to listen and comfort us. We also need someone to share our dreams with and who doesn't think they're foolish, but who supports them. Without communication and empathy, no couple goes very far.
8. Someone who gives us freedom. In a healthy relationship, both parties are aware that the other is an independent person who needs freedom. Therefore, we need someone who loves us, but at the same time leaves us free, a person mature enough to respect our space and who is not jealous of our new friends. For a relationship to last over time, it is essential that both know when to become one and when to be two distinct people.
9. Someone who trusts us. Every relationship is based on trust, when one of the two does not trust the other, the relationship is doomed in advance to failure. Therefore, we need someone who does not care if we are a little later than usual and who is not afraid to share the bank account. Because to love means to let your guard down, in the hope that the other will support us.
10. Someone who is also our best friend. We deserve someone to have our backs when we get into trouble, someone to confide our deepest secrets and show us what we are like, without artifice. Someone who laughs with us and understands what we are feeling just by looking at us, someone who is not only a lover, but also a very good friend. We deserve someone who is convinced that we are "his half", among the more than 7 billion people at world. And when you find it, don't let it go.
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