10 things to do to be successful

Often, when we see a successful person, we think about how lucky they are. In fact, we all tend to associate success with luck. We may not do it consciously, but the truth is, we never thought about how much that person had to try or how many things they had to give up.

Winston Churchill approached this question brilliantly by stating that "success is learning to go from one failure to another without falling into despair." And the truth is that almost all successful cases hide a past marked by perseverance.

Victories don't come out of nowhere, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. In the meantime, there are many challenges that await you, arduous tasks that probably no one would want to face, things that scare you and will take you to the limits of your strength.

  1. You will have to give more than what you will receive in return

The beginnings are difficult, every entrepreneur knows this. You will have to invest so much in the project (time, effort and sacrifices), that at times it will seem that everything falls into a bottomless pit and you will lose motivation. Until the moment you begin to see the first fruits.

  1. You will have to give up many things

Big projects consume a lot of time and energy so that at some point you will have to give up things you like, like spending more time with your family, going on vacation or dedicating a whole day to "doing nothing".

  1. You will pass for idiots when you are wrong

Chances are that many people don't trust you or your project, so they will continually point out all the little mistakes you make and tell you that you are crazy. Do not give up, remember that the so-called "normal" society believes that everything is impossible until the impossible is successfully accomplished.

  1. You will make decisions you never would have made

Successful projects often change over time, that's normal; in fact, this is essential to adapt to the changing demands of the environment and to be able to survive. Therefore, at some point you will be forced to change course and make painful decisions, it is part of the

  1. You will have to continue even after falling

When embarking on a big project, you often can't afford to let wounds heal naturally. You will have to put a patch on the fly and immediately resume the journey. Lack of motivation, lack of confidence and failures cannot take root because otherwise all is lost.

  1. You will have to worry about people who don't care about you

Along the way you will be forced to deal with people who don't really care about you, maybe they're just rude and just trying to exploit you. However, success is not achieved alone, there is a need to compromise and seek allies, even if you don't like them very much.

  1. You will make uncertainty your partner

When the majority settle on certain things, you will continue to prefer the riskier option, so the degree of insecurity and uncertainty will always be greater.

  1. You will have to invest in yourself when no one else does

Perhaps in the beginning, finding people who have faith in your potential is not very difficult, but they will probably abandon you at the first failure. Right now is when you need to arm yourself with courage and believe in yourself, even when everyone is
they think you won't make it.

  1. You will have to give a lot of explanations

When people don't understand what you are doing or why, you will have to explain it to them more than once, with a lot of patience. And if you work as a team, you will also have to constantly give reasons for your decisions. You cannot close in on yourselves because you will need the support of people to continue and therefore you will have to try to make them understand what you are doing and why.

  1. You will have to take a lot of responsibility



Mistakes are part of the path to success and sometimes cause unpredictable damage; you will have to take this responsibility, probably more than once. No one ever said the road to success would be easy, but if you're prepared for setbacks, they won't surprise you.

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