10 signs you don't drink enough

10 signs you don't drink enough

In summer even more, but in every season of the year drinking is important and should not be remembered only on Water Day or when we start asentire kidneys and bladder do not work enough.

The ideal dose of water would be around the liter and a half or two liters per adult per day, between water and other drinks, obviously natural, such as herbal teas, infusions or decoctions.

On the other hand, fruit juices, coffee and carbonated drinks should not be considered because they do not fully carry out the function of hydrating the organism, on the contrary, sometimes they subtract liquids.

Moisturize it is therefore fundamental for the organism: is good for the skin (the best moisturizer is in fact the water that is taken internally every day), to the hair, to the organs, to the health of mucous membranes and tissues, to the brain, in short, to the whole organism.

Sometimes water is taken away from us due to vomiting, fever, severe diarrhea, illness or excessive sweating.

Dehydration is a point you shouldn't go to, especially in the case of children, the elderly or chronically ill, weaker and more easily exposed to this condition.


The signs of dehydration

The main tip for avoid dehydration remains the prevention, so you must always keep regulate the level of daily fluid intake.

Secondly it is important the perception and observation of our body: you know we really know recognize when our body lacks water?

To understand this, we pay attention to certain small signals. Here are about ten.

  1. Bad breath. When you don't drink enough, your saliva isn't "cleaned up" properly, so bacteria find more fertile ground there. This results in worse than usual breath, a dry and sticky mouth.
  2. Drowsiness and excessive fatigue are other signs of lack of water in the body, often accompanied by muscle pain and cramps
  3. Hunger or craving for sugar: this occurs especially after intense physical exertion in an organism that is not well hydrated. In reality it is not a real hunger, but a thirst, a need for water, so before swallowing candies and sweets, try two large glasses of plain water.
  4. Shortage of urine o urine that is too dark and concentrated: the body's fluid exchange is lacking, with what follows for organs and systems.
  5. Absence of tears: when you begin to blink more frequently and your eyes feel tired, it means that they need more hydration
  6. Dry and dehydrated skin, not at all elastic, that is, if it is pinched it stays there, without returning to its place
  7. Headache and dizziness, feeling faint, blurred vision, confusion and low blood pressure. If you become dehydrated, the blood supply to the brain drops significantly and cognitive abilities fail.
  8. Wheezing in breathing and rapid heartbeat
  9. Bad mood, mild depression, irritability: these are all indicators and consequences of poor cellular communication
  10. Constipation: the intestine is poorly hydrated and the colon functions poorly.


A tip for drinking enough

The first thing to win is laziness: always carry your personal bottle of water with you during the day, so as to get used to sipping a little from time to time.

And if the excuse is that you don't like water, make it more pleasant by flavoring it with fresh fruit cut into small pieces or with mint or lemon: there are many recipes of fruity water that you can experiment!


But which water is best to drink?




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