10 signs that you are growing emotionally

10 signs that you are growing emotionallyThe most ambitious projects require a great deal of sacrifice and perseverance. Therefore, it is understandable that you lose strength and stop halfway. When motivation is lost, it is tempting to give up. At that moment there is only the horizon, we only perceive the efforts that we still have to make without realizing what we have already done. However, sometimes it is necessary to look back to understand the magnitude of what we have already achieved.In fact, we often abandon our dreams only because we are not fully aware of the things we have achieved, of the small steps we have taken. When we focus only on failures, we lose motivation and run the risk of dropping out just before the finish. Partly, this is because our society has taught us to punish ourselves for mistakes, but not reward ourselves for every little one. success. In field of personal growth this reality is even more evident. We propose big changes but when an involution occurs, we demotivate and abandon without realizing what we had achieved. In fact, many people drop out of psychotherapy because they don't have the necessary patience and don't appreciate small changes, so sometimes it is necessary to take stock of what we have accomplished. Maybe you are growing emotionally and you don't realize it.

What are the signs that you are growing emotionally?

1. Let go of the things that harm youLearning to let go, focus on the things that are really useful and ignore those that harm or disturb you, is an essential skill to be successful and, above all, to achieve emotional balance. However, it is also a very difficult skill to develop. For this reason, learning to recognize toxic people and knowing how to deal with them, without generating feelings of guilt or getting angry, is already a big step.
2. Learn from mistakesNo one is perfect, no one can say that he has never been wrong. So, getting rid of perfectionism and accepting that mistakes are part of the journey and are also useful is a sign of maturity. When we take mistakes as opportunities for growth, our perspective changes completely and we are able to undertake more ambitious projects, without fear of staying halfway.
3. Stop complainingComplaints are a black hole through which energy is dispersed, they do not lead to solutions but generate even greater discomfort that tinges the world with gray. However, balanced and successful people have a habit of not crying over spilled milk, rather they get to work right away trying to fix the problem. If you act more and complain less, it is because you are growing emotionally.
4. Celebrate the success of othersCelebrating the success of others is a sign of maturity, it means that you do not envy anyone and understand that their success does not mean that you have failed. Being able to recognize the work and effort of others, instead of criticizing and disparaging, not only helps create a good atmosphere, but also involves a change of attitude that will make us grow and feel better.
5. Your interpersonal relationships are less conflictualThe world is not conflictual, there are only too big egos that clash causing conflicts that could have been avoided. To mature also means to stop considering interpersonal relationships as a battlefield in which there are winners and losers. When your relationships are more fluid, you work better and feel more comfortable because you have grown up and learned that it is better to have peace than to be right.
6. Don't be afraid to ask for helpAsking for help does not mean being weak. In fact, it is a sign of strength and self-confidence. No one is able to grow and succeed in isolation, we all need others. Asking for help means recognizing that you cannot do some things alone and that you are humble enough to lean on others.
7. You have raised your standardsAs we mature, we are more aware of what we want and what we are not willing to accept. A mature person is confident and sets limits that others should not overcome. Of course, these limits don't have to be whims, but rules that protect your rights as a person and help you maintain psychological balance.
8. You have learned to open up emotionallyLove is risky. To love means to let go and allow someone to harm us. This is why many people are afraid to compromise and raise a wall when someone approaches. However, as we mature emotionally we realize that the best thing to do is to open our hearts. True, in this way we can be rejected or hurt, but at least we will have lived, accumulated experiences and emotionally communicated with someone.
9. You don't care what other people thinkThe opinion of the people around you is important, but, up to a certain point, it should really remain just a suggestion and not turn into guidelines that determine your life. Maturity comes when you are able to get along with others without being too influenced by their expectations of you, when you can find your place in the world, a place where you feel comfortable and allow yourself to realize you.
10. Accept your limitations and strive to improveEmotional maturity also means not developing an illusory positivism. The mature person is aware of his own limitations, he knows that there are many things that cannot be changed or that are beyond his reach. But he doesn't get depressed about it. On the contrary, this allows him to focus on situations that he can actually change. In this way, the emotionally mature person can economize his strengths and use them where they will bear better fruit. Remember that "life is not about finding oneself, but about creating oneself," said Irish writer George Bernard Shaw.
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