10 recipes to enrich with… a touch of ginger

One tocco of ginger to add to your usual dishes to flavor them in a truly original way and to amaze your guests. The ginger is a spice rich in beneficial properties that you can use in the kitchen in both sweet and savory dishes. Choose a pinch of powdered ginger or grated fresh ginger to bring the scent of novelty to the kitchen. Because as the well-known film mentions: "Ginger is delicate and pungent, and prompts you to look into your eyes".


Cream of pumpkin and red lentils scented with ginger

If you love ginger, don't forget to add a pinch to yours vegetable soups. For example, a touch of ginger will go very well with a cream of pumpkin and red lentils. THU the complete recipe to inspire you.

Lentils flavored with ginger

In the recipes of our tradition we usually flavor the lentils with a few bay leaves or sage. We can add a touch of powdered ginger to our usual lentil preparation or prepare the Indian spiced lentils with a touch of fresh ginger.

Savory pie with artichokes and ginger

Have you ever thought about adding ginger to an artichoke pie? Our artichoke and ginger savory pie will be very soft, given the presence of ricotta in the dough; the ginger also gives a delicate note of freshness that goes well with the typical flavor of artichokes. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Pasta with artichokes with a touch of ginger

To make this first course: pasta with artichokes, you will need a few simple ingredients, among which obviously the artichokes and 15 g of ginger to enhance the flavor of the sauce. Here the complete recipe.

Artichokes flan

The artichoke flan is a delicious and simple recipe to cook, with a delicate and appetizing flavor, it is prepared with only egg whites to make it lighter and more digestible. Here the complete recipe

Vegetable Samosa

The Indian recipe for vegetable samosas involves the use of spices including curry, turmeric and ginger of course! Here is the complete recipe to follow of the most loved and known Indian appetizer in the world.

Amaranth meatballs

Amaranth meatballs are a great alternative to meatballs, they are simple to prepare, with the addition of fresh ginger and a seasonal side dish they will be perfect for a quick and nutritious dinner. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Zucchini meatballs with ginger

A touch of ginger for your city to make these zucchini meatballs with ginger, perfect to serve as an appetizer or second course, accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Ginger and lemon cake

An original idea is to prepare a ginger and lemon cake, without the use of butter and with the creation of a vegetable glaze will delight both adults and children! Here the complete recipe.

Pear and ginger jam

You are thinking of giving an extra touch of flavor and perfume to yours homemade jams and marmalades? You can add a touch of ginger to your pear, apple, peach or other fruit jams according to your tastes. THU the recipe for pear and ginger jam without added sugar.

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