10 questions to rediscover the meaning of life

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10 questions to rediscover the meaning of life

Last update: April 10, 2016

There are days when we wake up and ask ourselves why we are together with a person who does not love us or does not respect us, why we do a job every day that we are not passionate about or, in general, because we don't live the life we've always dreamed of.

All these questions lead us to reflect on the set of choices made during our entire existence, choices that sometimes belonged to others, paths that we have taken out of fear or lack of the necessary courage to live our dreams. There are a number of questions we can ask ourselves to make sense of our life and find out if we are living according to our wishes. Here we propose ten of them.

 "Only if I feel precious to be the way I am, can I accept myself, can I be authentic, can I be true."

-Jorge Bucay-

How do you see your life in 5 years?

Think for a moment about what your life will be like in 5 years, if the situation is the same as it is now. Maybe the idea of ​​such a future makes you happy and you don't want to change anything or maybe the idea of ​​living that future scares you. The exercise we propose consists of try to understand if the life you are currently living will lead you in a few years to the ideal life you have always dreamed of or whether it is necessary to change things for that to happen.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Fear paralyzes, and when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone, we would come up with any excuse to complain, do nothing to find a solution and change what doesn't satisfy us.. Think about what you would do if you were not afraid, what you would have the courage to do, visualize the situation you would like to live and realize it, fearless. How do you feel?

 “It is really good to fight with persuasion, to embrace life and live with passion, to lose with class and to win by daring, because the world belongs to those who dare! Life is wonderful if you are not afraid of it! "

-Charles Chaplin-

What are your 3 biggest talents?

Sometimes we focus solely on our flaws, unable to appreciate our talents. What is the thing you do best? What are you passionate about? And even more important: are you dedicated to it? These questions will help you understand your strengths and the reasons why you don't focus on what you like best.

What is the most important thing in your life?

Think for a moment the most important aspect of your life, what makes you really happy. Ask yourself if it is present in your life or not. Maybe it's time to change something or maybe to change everything.

What is your childhood dream left unfinished?

Each of us has a desire that from an early age he dreamed of fulfilling when he was an adult. Think about what your dream was and the reasons why you haven't realized it yet. Also try to think about how you could do to gradually get closer to your childhood dream.

Are you holding on to what you should let go of?

We tend to cling to things and people that we should actually let go, because they don't bring us anything positive, because they hurt us, or because it's time to grow and change. Learning to let go is a fundamental act: it will make us suffer, but with the passage of time, we will realize how sometimes it is necessary to let go of aspects or people to give way to a breath of fresh air.

Do you live your life to be happy or to make others happy?

If we focus minutely on our life, we will be able to realize how we are living and making choices based on what makes others happy, rather than on what satisfies us. Life is not about satisfying others, but about being happy. In reality, the desire of those who love us is to see us smile, and it is good to learn to distinguish between what is believed to give us happiness, and what really does.

What would you change in your life if you knew that no one judges you?

The opinion of others is an aspect that we always consider with fear before setting out to change anything in our life. Imagine for a moment a situation in which no one judges you: what would you change in your life? Just like the fear of change, we also fear the opinion of others.

Do you dedicate yourself to your passions?

We often tend to complain about our work, our boss, our schedules, our colleagues, but we never do anything to make something change; out of fear, out of fear of the opinions of others, in order not to face a change, even if we don't like it. We are satisfied with the situation, without daring to take the risk of living our life to the fullest.

If you had a month left to live, how would you use it?

We waste most of our time on social networks, on mobile phones or on television. Ask yourself if this is what you would do if you had a month left to live. Surely not, surely you would dedicate yourself to enjoying every second in the company of the people you love, in the places you like, surrounding yourself with everything that makes you happy. Why not start right away?

 “An immense will to live has returned to me

when I found that the meaning of my life

it was what I wanted to give her. "

-Paulo Coelho-

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