10 photos that will change your perception of the world

There are two types of change, the one that occurs slowly every day by accumulation and the one that happens suddenly and drags us with all its might. Direct experiences and strong images have the power to move us and sow the seeds of change, stimulating that profound transformation that can change the meaning of our life.

This time I would like to share with you some images that in my opinion are worth much more than a thousand words, these are images so powerful that they are unforgettable because they speak of humanity by putting some of our best and worst moments into perspective, as humanity.

Because sometimes, in order to grow and mature, you need to stop looking within yourself and start looking around.

1. A child and a missionary in Karamoja, Uganda

In 1980 this photo was chosen as the best of the year. However, Mike Wells never wanted to enter the contest, much less win. It seemed unworthy to him to win an award with a picture of someone literally dying of hunger.

2. A woman who, in an instant, lost everything in Natori, Japan

The expression of this woman speaks of the deepest pain and helplessness. The image was taken after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, which killed thousands of people and left behind a trail of suffering and desolation. About 10.000 people were seriously injured or reported missing.

3. A man rescues kittens in the middle of a flood in Cuttack, India

In 2011, the city of Cuttack was flooded with torrential rains. However, a local man risked his life to save some kittens by carrying them in a basket on his head. Because at times, human beings are also capable of great sacrifices and acts that could be classified as heroic.

4. The graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband Roermond, The Netherlands

Social conventions could also separate the couple. Her husband, a colonel in the Dutch army, died in 1880. Eight years later his wife died, but before her death, she had given up the family crypt and, even if that meant it had to be buried on the other side of the wall. , however, asked to be buried as close as possible to the person she had loved.

5. Flowers against guns in Boston, USA

The year was 1967 and the demonstrations were almost the daily bread in the United States. Bernie, the photographer, was there and immortalized this iconic image of a young man protesting the Vietnam War by putting carnations in the barrels of the soldiers' guns. Because sometimes, the best protest is not a cry but silence, a peaceful gesture rather than a violent one.

6. A firefighter helps a koala in Victoria, Australia

In 2009 there was the largest and most destructive of all the fires that hit Australia. In fact, that day went down in history as "Black Saturday". Nearly 200 people died and the firefighters had to work to exhaustion, but still managed to find the time and energy to help the poor wild animals. A tender image that makes us believe in human improvement and in our ability to help.

7. Camera a gas ad Auschwitz, in Polonia

It must never be forgotten that thousands of people died in the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps. Prejudice, xenophobia and racism still exist, so it is good to remember the atrocities that have occurred throughout history so as not to commit them again.

8. Happy child with his new shoes in Austria

Sometimes it takes very little to be happy, or to make others happy. In 1946, after World War II, Werfel, a six year old orphan, received his first new pair of shoes, thanks to the American Red Cross. His face is a poem.

9. Defending a barricade, in Amona, West Bank

In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this anonymous woman becomes an example of unparalleled courage. The incident occurred in 2006, when some Palestinian houses were demolished by the Israelis and the inhabitants were forced to abandon them.

10. A climber contemplates the landscape in California, United States

Sometimes the immensity and the beauty of the landscape make us feel small. But this also shows that it takes very little to be happy. Alex Honnold is the man who appears in the photo, he is used to free climbing and this time his goal was the Half Dome, a granite peak over 1.400 meters high located in Yosemite National Park.

Remember …

“People change when they realize the potential they have to change things,” said Paulo Coelho. And in this regard, it is essential to be aware that if we want to change the world we must first change ourselves.

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