10 life lessons we can learn from Wayne Dyer

10 life lessons we can learn from Wayne DyerWayne W. Dyer was a self-help psychologist and writer of books. In fact, he is known as the "father of motivation". His book "Your erroneous areas", which sold 35 million copies worldwide, gave him fame and allowed him to travel from one country to another, giving lectures to help people who want to change their lives. After this work, he wrote another 25 books, five of which were dedicated to children.Thanks to his work, many people became aware of their potential and were able to implement positive changes in their lives. But what few people know is that, this successful psychologist was orphaned and grew up in a poor neighborhood in an Ohio city. He later tried to pursue a military career and soon realized that his field was psychology. He didn't achieve success overnight, but he had to fight hard. In the end, his tenacity and passion were rewarded.His writing allowed him to gain fame globally, even as his free spirit took him progressively farther and farther away from urban chaos the closer he got to the Taoism. So the last place he decided to rest was the island of Maui, in Hawaii. One of the most valuable lessons he has given us is to remind us that we are not our country, race, religion or profession, we are much more than all of this. When we stop giving ourselves labels we can discover who we really are, we are able to implement our potential and change the world, at least that part that is around us.

Dyer's phrases that we should always keep in mind

1. "You can't go wrong being yourself"Wayne Dyer, as an exponent of Transpersonal Psychology, he was convinced that self-esteem is essential to get the best out of ourselves. And to develop it, we need to shake off the fear of failure. After all, there is no model or manual that teaches us to be ourselves. In fact, even if you fail, you will still win because you have learned a lesson. Never identify your worth with what you do or get in life, because you really are so much more than these things.
2. "What others think of you is not your problem"We worry too much about the opinions of others, to the point that we make many decisions, some even important ones, to seek social acceptance or, at least, to avoid rejection. But true freedom is when the opinions of others have no effect on your decisions, when you choose what truly makes you happy and satisfied.
3. “Happiness is not something that gives you life. Happiness is something you bring into your life "Your happiness depends on you, and no one else. When basic needs are met, happiness is an inner state, a personal decision that must be made every day, despite problems and conflicts. Happiness is not a gift that belongs only to a lucky few, it is something that must be fought for.
4. "Find the light in others, and treat them as if it were all you see in them"This is one of my favorite phrases, and also one of the hardest to apply, as often our life consists only of reacting to the way others treat us. But we all have negative and positive sides, if we learn to focus on the positive aspects we will achieve that our relationships are much more fluid, we will avoid conflicts and we will be helped to maintain our inner peace. If you have to choose between being nice and being right, always choose to be nice.
5. "Doing what you love is the prelude to success in life"If there is a secret ingredient to success, it is passion. When you are involved in something you truly love, sooner or later your efforts will be rewarded. In fact, when you pursue a dream, even if there are moments in which you feel demoralized, you will be able to find within yourself the strength to move forward. So, don't copy anyone, just follow your gut and do what you love.
6. "The state your life is in is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind"Wayne Dyer didn't believe in the power of circumstances. For him there were no excuses, it is we, through our decisions, who are building the path of our life. Therefore, it is useless to look back and blame the other or something external to us. It's best to be aware that we have the power in our hands to change what we don't like. We may not do it overnight, but gradually we will get out of a situation we don't like or give up on a harmful habit. Remember that it is you who create your thoughts, your thoughts generate your intentions and intentions shape your reality.
7. "When you change the way you see things, the things you see change"We see the world as we are, it is very difficult to abstract ourselves from our history, beliefs, stereotypes and the system of values. But sometimes a change of perspective is enough for everything to seem different, without anything really having changed. When you are involved in a conflict, try to change the perspective with which you judge things, perhaps the solution is where you least expect it. In any case, remember that there are situations or people that cannot be changed, so that there is only the possibility of changing the way we deal with them.
8. "It is not necessary to know where where you are going, the important thing is to keep yourself on the path"In recent years, thanks to the advent of various gurus, coaches, promoters of productivity and personal growth, goals have become fashionable. And there's nothing wrong with that, except that sometimes focusing only on the goals can only add unnecessary pressure. Sometimes, as Wayne Dyer said, the important thing is not the goal, but the path, what matters is not what you have achieved, but the person you have become while following this path.
9. “Anything can be an opportunity for growth or an obstacle that paralyzes you. You choose "Life is not always a carpet of roses, sometimes we face misfortunes, conflicts, failures and losses that cause us suffering. But we can choose to come out of these situations strengthened or succumb to them. In reality, people who have faced many obstacles in their life are stronger, because they know that no matter what happens, everything passes. The problems have allowed him to mature and grow, to develop more effective strategies to face adversity. Either way, the decision is always yours.
10. “Stop acting as if life were a journey through stages. Live each day as if it were your last. The past is past and the future is not guaranteed "Enjoy every day in its immensity. Every day is a great gift, don't waste it complaining about what happened or wishing for a perfect future that will never come. Try to be happy here and now with what you have. Because every day you waste by avoiding being happy, smiling, helping or feeling grateful, is a wasted opportunity that will never come back.
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