10 homemade bread recipes without baking

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To prepare the homemade bread do you have to use the oven? In summer and when we have little time, we can consider alternatives where an oven is not needed for cooking. The ideas that we offer you to prepare homemade bread without baking are all vegetarian recipes.


Focaccia cooked in a pan

Have you ever thought about preparing one focaccia cooked in a pan? It's really a convenience especially when it's too hot to turn on the oven. THU the recipe to inspire you to prepare focaccia cooked in a pan.


Il chapati a variety of bread typical of Indian cuisine, widespread in much of South Asia, in some areas of the Middle East, and in several East African countries, including Kenya and Tanzania. It constitutes a staple food for many regions of southern Asia, and particularly in the north of the subcontinent. It is cooked on a very hot plate. THU recipe.

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Bread of the Essenes

Il bread of the Essenes it is cooked in the sun and comes to us from a very ancient tradition. It is a type of yeast-free bread that in addition to this ingredient also avoids the classic oven cooking. You can prepare Essene bread from wholemeal flour or cereal grains. THU recipe.

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La tortilla is a thin round-shaped muffin typical of Mexican cuisine, which is prepared using wheat or corn flour. You don't need an oven to cook the tortillas. You will need to use a non-stick pan or a suitable griddle. THU the recipes.

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Spelled piadina

Are you looking for a simple, vegetarian and slightly different recipe to prepare a piadina? So here's the idea of ​​preparing one flatbread with spelled flour and extra virgin olive oil, to be cooked simply in a pan. THU recipe.

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Quick scones cooked in a pan

Another really quick idea to pan-cook for replace bread. It is about making quick scones to cook in a pan with flour, ricotta, extra virgin olive oil and fresh brewer's yeast. THU recipe.


Here is the complete referee, a very popular bread in the Middle East, Greece and Turkey. The recipes in circulation usually involve cooking in the oven, but there is also a version of the pita that can be prepared in a pan or on a hot plate. THU recipe.

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Here is another type of Indian bread, in addition to chapati, for which there is no need for an oven. This is Naan, a bread that is baked on a non-stick pan or on a plate to be heated on the stove. The ingredients are flour, honey, yogurt and brewer's yeast. THU recipe.

bread crudista

Do you want to prepare bread without using the oven? Perhaps you have never tried to experiment with the preparation of raw food bread. In the raw food kitchen, the oven is replaced by the dryer, for example to prepare bread. THU recipe.

Chapati without cooking

An alternative version for prepare chapati we talked about a little above provides for excluding not only the oven, but the actual cooking. In fact, you could try to prepare the raw version of chapati as an idea for bread without an oven. THU recipe.

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