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To be effective, a workout must satisfy all of one set of requirements. Among these, there is not necessarily the standing position. In some cases, in fact, you can also train while sitting.

When you don't want to go out, you have some pain, you are a bit down in the dumps, therefore, you don't have to force yourself to get up and move: you can also train while on the sofa at home or on the office chair.

Exercises while sitting can be very effective

"A common misconception about workouts is that they have to be standing or on the palms in a plank-like position," explains Bethany Stillwaggon, certified personal trainer and master coach for the Row House boutique fitness concept. "The exercises to do while sitting can be great for a quick workout at your desk or if balance during fitness is a big problem or, again, if standing does more harm than good ".

Although sitting for prolonged periods of time is harmful, sometimes being in a chair or sofa is best for your body. However, we must not give up on training. There are some exercises that can be done while sitting. However, the ideal would be to combine them with walks, for example while making phone calls.

10 exercises to do while sitting

Here are 10 exercises to do while sitting.


Arm cycles

Sit in a comfortable position e bring your arms out, at shoulder height. Imagine your index fingers are laser pointers and draw small circles on opposite walls. Complete a series of forward circles and a series of backward circles, trying to do as many repetitions as possible. Perform for three sets.  


Bicep Towel Hold

Take a normal size towel (or sheet) and pin it in the center under the chair or feet. Take one end of the towel with your right hand and the other with your left hand. Squeeze the glutes and quadriceps to preserve the lower back. Therefore, contract your biceps. Keep your arms pinned to the rib cage and pull the towel straight up. Adjust the grip so that no matter how hard you pull, the towel doesn't go anywhere. Your biceps and forearms may start shaking with exertion - this is normal. Maintain the position until you need to rest. Repeat three times.


Overhead Tricep Extension

Sit down, holding a book with your hands. Stretch your arms above your head, holding them close to your ears and trying not to spread them as you move. Adjust the grip so that the book does not fall out. Bring the hands to the back of the head and the nape of the neck. Keeping your arms close to your ears, straighten your elbows again. Contract the triceps during movement. Do three sets of 15 reps.



Among the exercises to do while sitting there is also that of throwing punches, to train the upper arms, shoulders, core and even the back. You can watch a kickboxing video while seated and mimic what you see on the screen. Alternatively, you can try throw 20 punches in front of you (exhaling each time). Rest for 20 seconds and then repeat. Do four or five sets.  


Overhead press

Grab a couple of bottles of water or cans of legumes. Sit down and bend your elbows so that your fingers are close to your ears. Tighten the shoulder blades. Contract your shoulder blades only, pause for a moment and contract again. If you do not feel pain or have no shoulder problems, continue to bring your elbows out. Do four sets of 15 reps.


Overhead Side Bend Stretch

Extend both arms above your head with your hands overlapping, like diving into a swimming pool. Take a deep breath, stretch and fully extend your arms so that your biceps are close to your ears, then lean to the right as far as possible. Take a few breaths in this position, relax, and then repeat on the other side. Try stretching each side three times every hour.


Gluteal Squeeze

While still sitting, squeeze your buttocks to increase butt strength. While it may seem like a cosmetic factor, having strong buttocks can actually help reduce low back pain. First, contract your hamstrings to prepare for the movement. Therefore, tighten the buttocks as hard as you can, imagining getting up from the chair with the force of the contraction. Maintain the position for as long as possible (always breathing). Rest quickly and repeat three or four more times.


Seated Marches

Keep your hands on the sides of the chair. Imagine pushing the lower abdomen towards the navel for lift your left foot off the ground. Keep your knees bent, as if you are marching. As your left thigh comes higher, slowly bring it back down as you contract your core again. Repeat the movement with the right leg. Perform 15 "gears" on each side for three or four sets. 


Straight-Leg Circles

Repeat the previous exercise, but this time raise both legs at the same time. Straighten your knees in front of you as much as possible. Hold the body still and then draw small circles in the air with your legs. Rest for as long as necessary, then repeat for another two or three rounds. 


Calf Raises

Move to the edge of the sofa so that your feet can touch the ground. If necessary, use a sturdy stack of books or a sturdy box to get to the ground. Plant the feet with the toes facing forward. Squeeze the calves for lift your heels off the floor. Hold the contraction strong for a second, then slowly come down again. Do four sets of 25 reps.


While seated, you can also train your arms with dumbbells. 
The stability ball for a full workout can also be used while seated. 


Which exercises to do while sitting could be one of the 8 questions to ask your personal trainer. 

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