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We love i very much basil pesto prepared according to tradition and we regret that this fundamental ingredient is not in season all year round. We can buy packaged pesto, but it will never taste as good as homemade pesto.

To prepare tasty sauces for pasta all year round, we can choose alternative ingredients to basil when we don't have it available as a fresh and seasonal ingredient.

On other occasions we may have basil on hand but not in sufficient quantities to prepare one creamy and full-bodied sauce. So here is the idea of ​​combining it with other ingredients out of necessity, with the advantage of experimenting with recipes that are a little different from the usual and discovering new flavors.

Here is a selection of alternative recipes to the preparation of the traditional basil pesto.


Rocket pesto

One of the simpler variations to prepare an alternative pesto involves using the rocket salad in place of basil. You can combine rocket with pine nuts, pecorino or parmesan (or nutritional yeast flakes) and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe to follow.

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Green radicchio pesto

To prepare homemade pesto at no cost we can choose the green radicchio or a spontaneous weed of the chicory family. The recipe is very simple. It is about combining green radicchio with almonds and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe step by step.

Black cabbage pesto

Another typical ingredient of the winter season is the cabbage black. It will be excellent for preparing a tasty pesto to season pasta or to spread on bread. You will also need shelled almonds and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe to follow.

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Pistachio pesto

If you love pistachios, why not use them to prepare a tasty homemade pesto? You can blend the pistachios shelled with extra virgin olive oil and combine them with pine nuts, or almonds, with the addition of basil or parsley. THU the recipe to inspire you.

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Nettle pesto

You can prepare an alternative pesto almost at no cost if you have the opportunity to collect the nettles. You will have to boil them before preparing your pesto and then you will combine them with almonds or pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe to follow.

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Zucchini pesto

You can prepare the courgette pesto without the need to cook them. In fact, you just need to chop them before putting them in the blender glass together with extra virgin olive oil, almonds and pine nuts. THU the recipe to inspire you.

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Walnut pesto

Prepare walnut pesto it's really that simple. In addition to shelled walnuts, to get this really tasty sauce you will need pine nuts, breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil. THU the recipe from which to draw inspiration.

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Cauliflower pesto

Another alternative to the classic basil pesto is the cauliflower pesto, which you can prepare in autumn and winter to respect the season. It is a very simple preparation, suitable for seasoning pasta or for spreading on bread. THU the recipe to follow.

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Pesto sauce in the Trapani's style

Unlike the Genoese pesto, the pesto sauce in the Trapani's style it is prepared by combining tomatoes with basil. Tomatoes prevail over basil and are present in greater quantities in the recipe. In this preparation we do not find pine nuts, but almonds. THU the traditional recipe of Trapani pesto.

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Leghorn pesto

Il pesto alla livornese it is characterized by the preponderant presence of fresh parsley over basil. In this preparation, red chillies and walnut kernels are also added, with a result that clearly differs from the classic Genoese pesto. THU the recipe for pesto alla livornese.

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Which ones are they your recipes to prepare an "alternative" pesto?

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